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Never Again Flood Campaign Hull has been flooded twice in the past decade - in 2007 and 2013 - and climate change is making the risk greater in future.   Diana Johnson MP is campaigning to ensure...
Fighting for a Fair Deal for Hull Since 2010 the Government has moved money away from Hull to wealthier areas, hitting local services and Hull council tax payers hard.   You can see the results all...

What I'm doing in Parliament

To mark the 65th anniversary of the founding of the NHS on 5 July, Hull North MP Diana Johnson has called on Hull people to celebrate this incredible institution.

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Hull North MP Diana Johnson has responded to the Coalition’s latest spending cuts, announced today, by saying that working families are being asked to pay for the Coalition’s failure.

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What I'm doing in the Constituency

Hull MP slams Coalition rail snub to Hull

Jul 16, 2012

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has responded to news that local rail line between Hull and Leeds will not benefit from rail electrification upgrade between 2014 and 2019 under plans announced by the Government today (16 July).

Diana Johnson MP said: "Faster and more efficient rail links are an important part of Hull's economic regeneration and I'll be asking why this Government doesn't appear to recognise this.

Hull MP attacks Coalition cuts to Yorkshire Regiment

Jul 05, 2012

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has commented on the Coalition Government’s announcement that the Second Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment will go under the latest defence cuts.

Hull North MP Diana Johnson said: “The Coalition’s army cuts are more about slashing funding than about our country’s future strategic defence and security needs. Leading the war-time Coalition Winston Churchill famously told the House of Commons: “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be”. This is not the approach that the current Coalition takes.


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