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February 2011

Hull Lib Dem cuts hit the weakest hardest

Feb 24, 2011

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has attacked the Lib Dem cuts budget forced through Hull City Council this evening in the face of Labour opposition.

The Lib Dem budget will see huge cuts to day centres, children’s services such as Sure Start and major damage to a broad range of Council and voluntary sector services in Hull.

Hull North’s Labour MP attended the lobby outside Hull’s Guildhall this afternoon as councillors met to set their budget for 2011/12.

MP’s Sure Start plea for Hull kids

Feb 21, 2011

Diana Johnson MP today appealed for vital services for Hull’s young children and their parents to be protected after David Cameron’s broke his promise on funding Children’s Centres.

The call came today (21 February) as she attended the latest official opening, by the Lord Mayor of Hull, of a Sure Start Children’s Centre in Hull, at Bricknell Primary School in Hull North.

This Thursday (24 February), Hull City Council will vote on Lib Dem plans for a £4m cut in the children’s services budget funding Hulls 20 Children’s Centres, from £7.7m to £3.7m.

Shadow Minister warns on police cuts in Hull

Feb 18, 2011

Labour’s Shadow Policing Minister, and Hull North MP, Diana Johnson today warned that policing cuts announced by Humberside Police Authority will have a “damaging effect” in Hull.

The warning came as Hull’s three MPs met Humberside Chief Constable at their Hull Day event held at Hull’s Guildhall and after the Police Authority published plans on how the force will cut more than 250 police officers and 120 staff members' posts to save more than £22m in the next four years.

Hull MPs slam Council Leader’s ‘hypocrisy’ on cuts

Feb 10, 2011

Hull Labour MPs have accused Hull City Council’s Lib Dem Leader of hypocrisy and opportunism after he signed a letter on council cuts published in today’s Times.

Speaking jointly with Hull East MP Karl Turner and Hull West and Hessle MP Alan Johnson, Hull North MP Diana Johnson said: “By backing this Lib Dem cry for help, Carl Minns’ hypocrisy has descended to new levels of opportunism.

Humberside to lose 200 police officers in two years

Feb 04, 2011

Humberside Police face cuts of £21.3m over the next two years, according to House of Commons Library research into Government police funding.

Coalition Government cuts could also see Humberside losing around 200 police officers in the two years up to March 2012, Shadow Policing Minister and Hull North MP Diana Johnson claimed today.

Hull MP opposes sell-off of England’s forests

Feb 02, 2011

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has called on the Government to think again about controversial plans that could see England’s woodlands sold off to the highest bidder.

Government proposals currently being discussed in Parliament will give Ministers the green light to sell off the public forestry estate in England. The Forestry Commission is responsible for over 1,400 woodlands in England, including well-known forests such as Dalby Forest, Sherwood, the Forest of Dean and Kielder.

Hull MP slams lack of consultation on day centre closures

Feb 02, 2011

Diana Johnson MP has called for Lib Dem councillors to explain directly to elderly users of Orchard Park’s George Ashton Centre why they plan to close their day centre.

Hull City Council is looking at closing 7 out of the 10 centres that look after disabled and special needs adults, along with elderly people, during the day. The move seeks to save the Hull City Council around £1.7 million.