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August 2013

NHS Reforms a year on

Aug 30, 2013
I know how precious the NHS is to people in this constituency and across the country. Keeping the NHS for everyone and making sure that it gives a quality service to all, free at the point of delivery is one of the most important jobs I have as your representative; this is why I am worried about the Government's reforms to our NHS.
A year on, since the Governement pushed through the Health and Social Care Act, the NHS is starting to show the strain.  This is what is happening.

Diana protests against Lib Dem-backed Royal Mail sell-off

Aug 20, 2013 - Tags:

Hull North MP Diana Johnson joined a protest outside Newland Avenue's Post Office  by postal workers against Coalition plans to privatise the Royal Mail.

The Lib Dem-backed Government wants to sell off Royal Mail on the cheap due to the Coalition free markets dogma and to plug a financial hole in the British economy caused by George Osborne’s three years of zero growth as Chancellor.

Diana backs 'Cash for Kids'

Aug 08, 2013 - Tags:

Diana Johnon MP met Courage the Cat as she backed the Cash for Kids charitable work in Hull.

Cash for Kids is the official charity of Viking FM and provides a helping hand to disabled and disadvantaged children in East Yorkshire

and Northern Lincolnshire.

It helps local children who have special needs, are disabled, have life limiting illnesses, have been abused or neglected or simply need

a little extra care and guidance, all through our grant giving process.