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This Budget is a ‘blank page in history for Hull’

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has reacted to today’s Budget from the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Diana Johnson MP said: “This Budget is a blank page in history for Hull.
“The fact that Crossrail 2 for London remains a higher priority than Crossrail for the North – which was not even mentioned - shows the Tory refusal to end the unfair disparity in infrastructure investment and public services funding between London and the North.  Without regenerating the North - boosting productivity, trade and growth after Brexit - our vicious circle of austerity for the many and national debt will remain.
“There was no recognition of the need to maintain sovereign defence manufacturing capability and skilled British jobs at BAE Systems, nor to equip our armed forces for the security challenges ahead in a dangerous World.
“Local police are set for more funding cuts, as crime and anti-social behaviour rises. The NHS doesn’t get enough new funding to avoid the worst Winter crisis in decades and the funding crises in social care and children’s services were ignored altogether. Social housing investment remains less than in 2010, Hull gets none of the new funding to end rough sleeping and Hull schools still face cuts.
“There was no action to address pensions injustice done by the Coalition Government to WASPI women born in the 1950s.”
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