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The choice facing Hull people

Hull North Labour candidate Diana Johnson today appealed for Hull voters to help elect a Labour government. 
Speaking before voters go to the polls on Thursday, Diana Johnson said: “This General Election is a choice between having a Labour government or another Tory-led government.
“Another Tory-led government would mean further unfair cuts directed at Hull, deeper cuts to local policing and even to our armed forces.
“Our NHS would be at risk and the Coalition’s Bedroom Tax would continue, alongside further cuts to Tax Credits and benefits on which the poorest rely. The low pay culture would continue and even more local working people would have to rely on Food Banks.
“While Labour has made clear pledges on these and other issues about what a Labour government would do, the Lib Dems’ promises – as in 2010 – are only shop window items to be bargained away in negotiations to support another Tory-led government. Labour fights for Hull, but the Lib Dems and UKIP fight only to be the supporting act to the Tories. 
“Our ambitious city has achieved much through local efforts in recent years, but so much more could be achieved if we had a government on our side – devolving power and giving Hull a fair deal. That’s a Labour government – but we will not get that Labour government without electing Labour MPs in Hull.”
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