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Hull MP accuses Coalition of gambling with Hull green jobs

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has reacted to the 290-267 Commons vote against carbon targets on green energy policy by accusing the Coalition of gambling with Hull jobs.

Hull North MP Diana Johnson said: “By voting against the targets that would have provided much-needed confidence that Siemens and other green investors say they want over long term UK Government policy on green energy, Coalition MPs are gambling with the green jobs that Hull so urgently needs. If Hull fails to get these jobs, they will go abroad.

“Given how we’ve worked together locally to protect other jobs over the Caravan Tax and at BAE Systems, it was disappointing that so many Tory MPs voted against green energy today. It was also an utter disgrace that Lib Dem MPs yet again voted against their own party’s stated policy, this time on green energy, just to keep their ministerial cars.

“I’m still confident that Hull can secure the Siemens jobs, but that’s slightly different to being confident that Hull will secure the Siemens jobs.”

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