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Hull MP accuses Government of going back 100 years on council funding

Speaking in the Commons, Hull North MP Diana Johnson has accused the Government of going back 100 years in forcing ‘the poor to keep the poorest’ with council tax hikes, while cutting Government funding for council services, in deprived areas like Hull.
Diana Johnson MP told the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government: "The problem with putting up council tax in order to pay for social care is that some of the most disadvantaged areas have a very low council tax base. 
"In Hull, for example, what we can raise through that increase in the precept is very small compared with the needs we have. 
"Are we not moving back to the days when the poor were keeping the poorest, about which George Lansbury protested in Poplar nearly 100 years ago, by putting the onus back on local authorities in very disadvantaged areas?"
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