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Hull MP backs Trussell Trust call for Food Bank probe

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has backed the Trussell Trust’s call for a proper inquiry into the causes of the massive increase in Food Bank use.

The call was made on a visit to Hull’s main city centre Food Bank today. The Trussell Trust has reported that 2,600 people now use Food Banks in Hull and numbers continue to rise.

Hull North MP Diana Johnson said: "I back the Trussell Trust’s call for a proper inquiry to get to the bottom of the causes of the tripling of Food Bank use. With Coalition Ministers so quick to give their own suspect excuses for soaring Food Bank dependency, it would be pretty damning if Ministers did not agree to the Trussell Trust’s call.

“Ministers seem to be in denial about their cost of living crisis. With prices for food and energy going up relentlessly and inflation staying way above wage increases, many of those going to Food Banks are actually in work. In this day and age it’s shocking that 2,600 Hull people struggle to feed their families and tragic that many then get exploited by loan sharks.

“It was an indication of the state of the country that the Red Cross recently announced a food aid campaign here in Food Bank Britain.”

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