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Hull MP calls for action on Equal Pay

On Equal Pay Day Hull North MP Diana Johnson called for action for equal pay between women and men.

Equal Pay Day is the day on which women effectively stop being paid for the year because of the gender pay gap.

The date for Equal Pay Day of 7 November is set by the latest pay statistics, which show that women working full-time earn 14.9% less per hour (excluding overtime) than men working full-time in the same jobs. In many professions the gender pay gap is far greater than 14.9%.

The gender pay gap for women working part-time is even greater at 35.6 per cent. For the UK’s six million female part-time workers, they effectively stop being paid on 27 August.

Speaking in Business Questions in the House of Commons, Diana Johnson MP said: "On average, for every £100 a man earns, a woman earns only £85. Today is equal pay day, the day when women in effect stop being paid due to the 14.9% gender pay gap.

"It is 43 years since the Equal Pay Act 1970, 100 years since the suffragette movement and 125 years since the match women’s strike, so may we please have a debate on ensuring that all women get equal pay for work of equal value?"

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