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Hull MP slams Coalition and UKIP failure to back Labour on cutting energy bills

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has reacted to today’s 305-228 Commons vote against Labour’s bid to give regulators the power to force energy firms to cut household bills.

Hull North MP Diana Johnson said: “Lib Dem, Tory and UKIP MPs today voted down Labour’s bid to give regulators the power to force the big energy firms to pass on reduced costs to customers in serious cuts to bills.

“Average household energy bills have gone up £260 since 2010. With wholesale gas and electricity costs falling by 20% and 9% respectively over the past year, so far only one supplier, E.ON, has cut their gas price - and only by 3.5%. This contrasts to what’s been happening on petrol forecourts.

“Labour want the full reduction in wholesale costs passed on to all consumers, as it’s scandalous that in the World’s sixth richest country families face a choice between eating and heating and that many vulnerable people die from cold weather.

“Today’s vote makes it even clearer that only a Labour Government will end rip-off energy bills, sort out the rigged energy market and launch a programme to make more homes heat efficient.”

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