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Hull MP welcomes new funding for Ennerdale swimming pool

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has welcomed today’s announcement that Hull City Council is working with the NHS to remove the immediate closure threat to Ennerdale swimming pool.

But the Labour MP warned that the longer term threat hanging over the Hull North pool and other local services remained.

Hull North MP Diana Johnson said: “I’m pleased that representations from Hull’s Labour MPs, members of Kingston upon Hull Swimming Club and many pool users have sent a clear message to Hull’s councillors about how much Ennerdale is valued as the only pool in Hull, owned by the community, capable of staging competitive swimming galas. I’m sure that this has helped Labour councillors in their efforts to find this funding for Ennerdale.

“Although this health funding removes immediate closure threat to Ennerdale swimming pool, we should be aware that the funding is initially for a few years. This means that we will have to keep working to ensure the longer term future of Ennerdale.

“In doing this, we should be clear that the cause of this threat to Ennerdale, and other local services, is the unfair level of cuts to Hull City Council’s funding from the Coalition Government. This threat will remain so long as Coalition Lib Dems at Westminster keep backing deeper funding cuts to Hull than for wealthier areas down south.

“That’s why it’s so important to keep campaigning for a Fair Deal for Hull.”

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