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Hull MP welcomes pioneering Hull’s new woman Bishop

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has welcomed today’s announcement that the country’s second woman bishop will be appointed in Hull.

The Hull Labour MP has been one of the most prominent Parliamentary campaigners for women bishops and was herself the first woman to be an MP in Hull.

Hull North MP Diana Johnson said: “I’m overjoyed that Revd Canon Alison White is to be the new Bishop of Hull and I look forward to working with her in Hull.

“This will be the country’s second woman appointed to the role of Bishop in the Church of England and means that Hull’s tradition as a pioneering city is burning bright today.

“After the long campaign we’ve fought, the stained glass ceiling holding back women is being broken in the Church of England.

“It’s great news for women and men of every faith and no faith in our society, for our Established Church and for communities all over the country who will benefit from the talents of some fine women.”

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