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Hull MPs protest at dangerous terror suspects being freed from all restrictions

Two Hull Labour MPs today expressed concern in the Commons about the freeing of dangerous terror suspects from all restrictions at the end of this week.

Hull North MP and current Shadow Crime and Security Minister, Diana Johnson, and Hull Westmand Hessle MP and former Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, spoke in a Commons debate on the Coalition’s Terrorism Prevention and Investigatory Measure Orders (TPIMs).

These replaced the former Labour Government’s tougher Control Orders and concern the supervision of individuals who have been found by courts to present a terror threat to the British public.

Labour MPs were calling for a cross-party review of TPIMs to assess whether the public will be given enough protection when time-limited TPIMs orders start to expire at the end of this week, thus freeing six terror suspects from even the limited restrictions they had been under for two years under TPIMs.

In the debate, Labour MPs repeatedly pressed the Home Office Ministers to say whether those being freed from TPIMs were still considered to be a security risk to the public. There was no straight answer to this key question.

Diana Johnson MP concluded her speech in the debate by saying: “We hope that the Minister will accept that we have used an Opposition Day debate to raise this important matter, to offer co-operation on an issue of national security and to work together on a cross-party basis to make sure that we have legislation which is fit for purpose.”

Lib Dem and Tory MPs voted down this request of co-operation by 312 votes to 236.

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