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Hull people speak up to Remain in the EU

The statement below appeared in today's Hull Daily Mail - see Since publication a number of other names have also signed it.
Dear Sir, 
We come from many different walks of life, across Hull and East Yorkshire, and although we disagree on many things, we do agree that remaining in the EU is best for our area. 
Whether it is providing funding for cutting-edge research at Hull University or farming subsidies for East Yorkshire farmers, the EU directly benefits our region in all manner of different ways. 
Our businesses large and small trade with businesses in the EU every day. Last year we sold a record number of Cottingham-made caravans to Holland and Germany. We have a German company with strong British heritage, 
Siemens, investing £310m to build a factory in Hull to make wind turbines for the world’s largest wind farm, being built by a Danish company off the coast of Hornsea.
As we work to make Hull a centre of culture, the EU is investing directly in our sporting and cultural projects, such as the rebuilding of Craven Park stadium. This is just part of a package of grants provided by the EU to our area which means locally, we receive more from the EU than we pay in. 
We are more secure because EU cooperation allows port staff at Hull to run joint operations with Rotterdam and Zeebrugge to stop smuggling, human trafficking and illegal immigration. 
Our local hospitals have often struggled to recruit staff which is why today our NHS has the benefit of doctors and nurses from across Europe providing life-saving care. 
Hull workers benefit from being in the EU through paid holiday, maternity leave and equal pay for men and women.   
When we go on holiday to Europe being in the EU means we get medical care without incurring huge bills, it means our flights and mobile phone calls are cheaper. The EU has given thousands of local people the chance to work or study abroad, just one of the ways in which the EU ensures better prospects for local young people.  
The vote this week is about the future of our area for generations to come. We believe our region will be stronger, safer and better off inside the EU than on our own. That is why we will be voting Remain on Thursday. 
1. Diana Johnson MP, Labour, Hull North
2. Graham Stuart MP, Conservative, Beverley & Holderness
3. Rt. Revd Alison White, Bishop of Hull
4. Finnbar Dowling, Project Director, Siemens Wind Power Hull
5. Neil Hudgell, Chairman, Hull Kingston Rovers & Managing Director of Hudgell’s Solicitors
6. Adam Pearson, Chairman, Hull FC
7. Lucy Beaumont, comedian & writer
8. Baroness Virginia Bottomley, Chancellor, University of Hull
9. Lord Haskins, former Chairman, Northern Foods
10. Bill Waddington, Director, Williamsons Solicitors
11. Paul Sewell, Founder, Sewell Group
12. Cllr Stephen Brady, Leader, Hull City Council 
13. Carolyn Johnson, Chief Executive, Language Is Everything
14. Keith Hunter, Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner
15. Kath Lavery, Chairman, Humberside Business Week
16. Lord John Prescott, former Deputy Prime Minister
17. Margaret Pinder, solicitor & former Beverley Mayor
18. Alan Johnson MP, Labour, Hull West & Hessle
19. Robert Crampton, columnist, The Times 
20. Maureen Lennon, Artistic Director, Bellow Theatre 
21. Karl Turner MP, Labour, Hull East
22. Ben Byass, Grange Farm, Bishop Burton
23. Prof. Mary O’Neill, Head of Physics & AstroPhysics, University of Hull
24. Cllr Colin Inglis, Chair, Hull Health & Well-Being Board
25. Lord Bhikhu Parekh, Emeritus Professor, University of Hull
26. Mark Hall, General Manager, The Welly, Fruit, Polar Bear, HullBoxOffice
27. Prof. Calie Pistorius, Vice-Chancellor, University of Hull
28. Dr Jay Trivedy, Principal, Wyke Sixth Form College
29. Jayne Mercer, Vice-chair, Hull City of Sanctuary 
30. Prof. Kathleen Lennon, Philosophy, University of Hull
31. JJ Tatten, Manager, The Warren Youth Project
32. Prof. Ekkehard Kopp. Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, University of Hull
33. Tina Trowhill, Chairperson of Action for Ashes Hull support group
34. David Gemmell OBE, Hon. Alderman
35. Mark Luscombe, teacher
36. John Cafferty, Regional Secretary, UNISON Yorkshire and the Humber
37. Ray Gray, UNISON Hull NHS Branch
38. Kate Etherington, psychiatric nurse & therapist
39. Cllr Phyllis Pollard, Conservative, Beverley Rural Ward
40. Tim Durkin, Solicitor & Former Chair, Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce
41. John Los, local businessman, Woodmansey
42. Sylvia Usher, teacher & Hull Education Centre Trustee
43. Cllr Steve Wilson, Labour, Newland Ward
44. Humphrey Forrest, employment lawyer and founder, Humberside Law Centre
45. Cllr Mike Bryan, Conservative, South West Holderness Ward 
46. Prof. Trevor Sheldon, Dean of the Hull York Medical School
47. Mike Whiting, CWU Branch Secretary
48. Dr Lee Karen Stow, photographer & businesswoman
49. Michael Chilton, artist and lecturer
50. Cllr Helene O’Mullane, Labour, Bransholme West Ward
51. David J. Keel, Co-Founder and Director of Trident, Chair of Hull C4DI
52. Martin Deane, Chair, Hull and East Riding Green Party
53. Dave Oglesby, GMB Organiser Hull, Midlands and East Coast
54. Michelle Jowett on behalf of Hull and East Riding Rape Crisis Centre
55. Neil Daw, BAE Systems Brough, Staff Union Convenor & UNITE Branch Chairman
56. Mal Williamson, social entrepreneur
57. John Scotney, further education teacher
58. Sally Acton, education manager
59. Michael Somerton, retired lecturer, Hull University
60. Graham Towse, educator
61. Jo Cobley, youth and community worker
62. Adrian Joice, teacher, Branch Secretary NASUWT (The Teachers’ Union)
63. Revd John Cowan, Vicar of St Cuthbert’s, Hull
64. Emma Hardy, former teacher
65. Thomas Lumley, project design engineer
66. Paul & Frances Redmore, local business owners
67. Mike Nicklas, chartered surveyor
68. Cllr Terence Smith, Mayor of Goole 
69. Rebecca Norman, QA compliance coordinator
70. Edwart Hart, social worker
71. Julia Marten, retired secondary school teacher
72. Jonathan Wainberg, registered learning disabilities nurse 
73. Ray Kirtley, Global Learning Association, University of Hull 
74. Shirley Scotney, retired teacher
75. Paul Gibson, UCATT Union
76. Rev David Perry, Superintendent Hull (Centre and West) Methodist Circuit
77. Colin Brown Chief Executive
78. Ellen Kirby, registered occupational therapist 
79. Shane McMurray, college lecturer 
80. Liz Charles, NHS Campaigner (aged 80!)
81. Dr Suzanne Clisby, School of Social Sciences, University of Hull
82. Mall Fields, Retired Trade Union Convenor, Humberside and Hull City Council
83. Richard Oliver, Regional Officer GMB Union
84. Juliet Lodge, former lecturer, University of Hull
85. Dean Kirk, registered care supervisor
86. Helen Barton, retired NHS worker
87. Helen Etherington, retired civil servant
88. David Weaver,  senior researcher
89. Audrey Dunne, poet
90. Richard Corbett Yorkshire & Humber MEP, Labour, Hull University graduate
91. Anne Barnecutt, retired NHS worker
92. Josh Capstick, former Chair, Hull University Labour Club
93. James Richardson, student
94. Kate Jones, estuarine ecologist
95. Dominic Blythe, Hull University student
96. Kallum McIntyre, advice worker
97. Derek Jennings, former Chair Of Governors, Sydney Smith
98. Rosie Nicola,  community activist 
99. Cllr Haroldo Herrera-Richmond, Labour, Bootherry Ward
100. Gordon Vassell retired firefighter & FBU official 
101. Kate Kavallares local entrepreneur & businesswoman
102. John O’Mullane, retired solicitor
103. Tracey Windle, campaigner & advice worker
104. George Aylett, student
105. Elliott Dean, UNISON Hull & East Yorkshire
106. Ruth Wilson, business development manager
107. Caroline Lumley, nurse & psychological therapist
108. Salman Anwar, President, Hull University Conservatives Futures
109. Alec Gill MBE, historian 
110. Raja Hanna, student 
111. Elisha Andrews, Chair, East Yorkshire Young Labour 
112. Saffron Scaife, West Hull Young Labour 
113. Patrick Wilkinson, Secretary Local Government Committee
114. Bobby Silby, UNISON Hull
115. Keir Mather, Haltemprice & Howden Young Labour
116. Josh Smith local resident and Hull University student 
117. Anne Dannerolle, local community worker
118. Paul Schofield, tour guide
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