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Hull rail commuters to be hit by Coalition’s Super Peak fares

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has condemned Government plans to hit Hull rail commuters with a new 40% Super Peak fares hike.

Diana Johnson MP said: “After David Cameron’s broken promise to hard-pressed commuters to cap this year’s rail fare rises, the misery for passengers is set to continue with the Government’s plans to introduce new Super Peak tickets set at an even higher level than existing peak time fares and season tickets.

“At a time when transport costs rise and people face a serious squeeze in their incomes, commuters already paying thousands for a season ticket should not be forced off peak-time trains.

“If they get away with introducing these new Super Peak tickets, the Coalition’s plans suggest that peak time prices could soar by a staggering 40 per cent on top of planned fares rises over just five years.

“This is especially unfair to Hull rail commuters who pay all the high fares and taxes, but who get so little in return. Hull and the Humber area stands to suffer months of rail disruption this year from very slow repairs and the Government has not included funding for rail electrification between Selby and Hull in their plans.

“This out of touch Coalition Government seems intent on pricing many commuters off the railways that many rely on to get to work. So much for ‘making work pay’. That is why Labour is campaigning against these plans.”

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