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MP backs new Endike Food Bank's appeal for donations

Hull North MP Diana Johnson delivered a food donation to the newly opened Endike Food Bank in 21st Avenue.

The use of charity Food Banks has tripled in the past year.

Job losses, rising food and fuel prices and tax hikes are seeing many Hull families struggling to make ends meet. Working people are on average £1,350 a year worse off since 2010. Benefit cuts are hitting many.

Local Labour MP Diana Johnson said: “It’s shocking in this day and age that even many people in work find it such a struggle to get the

basics for their families and end up using Food Banks.

“Many families are forced into the hands of pay day lenders, loan sharks whose sky-high interest rates are a complete rip off.

“This is the Food Bank Britain that this Lib Dem-backed Government is creating.”

To make a donation to Endike Food Bank call 01482 809473. For more information visit

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