22 Jun 2021 -

I asked the Secretary of State today whether he was conifdent that children in the care of local authorities were protected from grooming gangs. You can watch my question here.

21 Jun 2021 -

Diana responded to comments from journalist Simon Jenkins about the Public Inquiry into infected blood.

18 Jun 2021 -

To mark Clean Air Day 2021, I support action to protect children's health from #airpollution in Hull North. We need a Clean Air Act to cut pollution, save lives and enable a #cleanair future for the UK.

18 Jun 2021 -

Diana challenged the Prime Minister in Parliament about cuts to the armed forces.She said: "The Prime Minister talks proudly about our commitment to NATO. That, of course, depends on having a strong military in the United Kingdom.

14 Jun 2021 -

In Housing, Communities and Local Government Questions in the House of Commons today, I secured a meeting between co-chairs of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Left Behind Neighbourhoods and Secretary of State Robert Jenrick to discuss using dormant assets for a Community Wealth Fund t

11 Jun 2021 - Sexual exploitation

I have responded to Ofsted's deeply worrying review on sexual abuse in schools and colleges which was out yesterday.The truly outrageous part of this is that the Government already has the powers to stop pornography companies allowing children to access their websites.You can read my full respons

09 Jun 2021 -

I visited The Tolpuddle Martyrs Museum in Dorset. A very forceful reminder of the long struggle for workers' rights and for Trade Unions to be recognised and accepted. Well worth a visit!

Picture of Diana Johnson in the House of Commons

08 Jun 2021 -

Today I asked Ministers to restore the £8bn cut from social care since 2010. On the day he became Prime Minister nearly two years ago, Boris Johnson promised that he had "a clear plan" for social care reform - but there was still no sign of it in the recent Queen's Speech.

20 May 2021 -

In Department of Culture Media and Sport Questions in the House of Commons this morning, I asked for further information on exactly how the Government's promised 'fan-led review' into football governance will be led by fans in the aftermath of the European Super League fiasco.

4.3 million children currently growing up trapped in poverty

20 May 2021 -

40% of Children in Hull North were living in poverty by 2020, up from 34.5% in 2014. As MP, I pledge to do everything in my power so that no child is left behind in Kingston upon Hull North.