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Prime Minister pulls out of meeting with Hull North baby ashes campaigners

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has criticised the Prime Minister for pulling out of meeting Hull North baby ashes campaigners, as he promised to do on 4 November.
Speaking in Commons Business Questions today, Diana Johnson MP said: "In Prime Minister’s questions on 4 November, the Prime Minister agreed to meet my constituents, Tina and Mike Trowhill, to discuss the very sad case of the baby ashes scandal. The Prime Minister said: “I am happy to arrange that meeting.”
"Subsequently, Downing Street has transferred that meeting to a junior Minister whom the Trowhills have already met. 
"On 11 November, I wrote to the Prime Minister expressing my concern, but to no avail. It does the reputation of this House no good when commitments given in this House and reported in good faith by the media are not kept. Will the Leader of the House see what he can do to arrange that meeting?"
The exchange with the Leader of the House of Commons Chris Grayling can be seen at
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