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Sign my petition to give the Headscarf Revolutionaries Freedom of the City

The Triple Trawler Tragedy changed the lives of scores of families in Hull.
6,000 trawler-men had already lost their lives at sea before another 58 died in the Triple Trawler Disaster early in 1968. All because the ships they worked on were simply not up to scratch.
It also changed the lives of 4 local women. Cod skinner Lil Bilocca, Mary Denness, Christine Smallbone and Yvonne Blenkinsop decided that enough was enough.
They marched on the owners’ offices, took a delegation to Parliament and stopped unseaworthy boats going to sea. They took on the industry bosses and they won. Fisherman up and down the country - probably without knowing it - owe Big Lil and her friends a debt of gratitude.
I think we should repay some of that debt and put Hull and the Headscarf Revolutionaries on the map by giving these 4 inspirational women the Freedom of Hull City.
Will you back my campaign? Sign the petition below.
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