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Transport in the North of England

In the past year the Government has pulled the plug on the electrification of the rail line from Hull to Selby, along with the planned electrification from Liverpool across the Pennines.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has been happy to spend taxpayers' money on a £31 billion Crossrail 2 scheme in London, but he has told people in Yorkshire and the Humber to step up to the plate and sort out our transport system on our own. I'd like to say to Chis Grayling that we've already stepped up in Hull with our privately financed electrification scheme - but that was blocked by his Government. Give us a fair share of Government transport cash and the same powers that London politicians have over their travel infrastructure and we will deliver the transport system we need in the North.

Until now this Government has given us neither.

Government funding on transport in the North is woeful. Per person here in Yorkshire and Humber they spend £190. In London they spend £1,993. Actions - or inactions - have consequences. Here the consequence is a creaking transport system that's barely fit for purpose.

I'm asking people to sign my petition to demand that the Government steps up to the plate. We want a fair share of Government funding and powers to make it happen.  Please sign the petition below.


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