Workers £1,600 worse off under Coalition

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has responded to today's Autumn Statement by the Chancellor.

Hull North MP Diana Johnson said: "It was good to see the Chancellor starting to respond to Labour pressure on Business Rates, just as it was on pay day loans, fuel duty and energy prices. The Coalition has also copied the free school meals policy first pioneered by Labour in Hull, which Lib Dems and Tories had spent years denying was successful, despite all the evidence.

"However, the Coalition VAT rise added 3p to a litre of petrol and energy bills will still go up by an average of £70 this Winter. Among further cuts, we'll see even deeper police cuts, even though Humberside Police numbers are already at their lowest number since 1979.

"After having a growing economy in 2010, Hull will still suffer the consequences of three wasted years without growth and a recovery that Hull people and businesses will be the last to feel. This Autumn statement will assist Kingston upon Thames more than Kingston upon Hull, from a Government cutting tax for millionaires rather than helping the millions suffering the cost of living crisis. Workers are an average of £1,600 a year worse off under the Coalition."

The Hull MP also expressed disappointment at the lack of further progress in the Chancellor's Statement On rail electrification and other transport improvements for Hull.

Diana Johnson MP said "Although there's not been a breakthrough in what the Government's announced this week on getting rail electrification or bringing forward A63 improvements to include a road bridge both needed for City of Culture 2017 and wider regeneration - we'll keeping pushing for these schemes.

"It seems incredible that the Coalition can allocate £1bn for building two more Tube stations in prosperous parts of central London, but not proceed with Hull rail electrification. They've also announced £30m for a River Thames Garden Bridge, but nothing so far for an A63 bridge."