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Hull MP says 'Pull Your Finger Out!' to stay safe from fire

Hull North MP Diana Johnson is backing a new drive encouraging householders to maintain their smoke alarms.

The stark message for residents is “Pull Your Finger Out and check your smoke alarm”.

Checking a smoke alarm only takes minutes, but the reasons given for failing to take this simple precaution are disturbing, with general apathy stopping many people from being fire safe.

Although 80 per cent of homes in England have a smoke alarm, new survey results from the ‘Fire Kills’ campaign show that four in five of those polled fail to follow advice to test their alarm every week. One in three smoke alarms fails to operate in fires, mainly due to missing or non-working batteries. Not checking smoke alarms regularly puts loved ones and homes at risk.

The ‘Pull Your Finger Out’ national advertising, fronted by Julie Walters, is running in England until March.

Diana Johnson MP said: “Although fires in the home are thankfully rare, we can all help to ensure that we aren’t victims of tragedy by testing our smoke alarms weekly. This simple step could save lives in Hull.”

Fire Minister Parmjit Dhanda MP said: “The harsh truth is that unless a smoke alarm is regularly maintained it could be rendered useless in the event of a fire. Clearly it is not enough to simply own a smoke alarm and hope that loved ones and homes will be protected.

“Maintaining a smoke alarm takes moments and this simple precaution can save lives.”