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Hull MP presses Government on flood defences

Following the widespread flooding in and around Hull caused by prolonged torrential rain, Diana Johnson MP today questioned the Government about the city’s flood defences.

Written Parliamentary questions from the Hull North MP to the Secretary of State for Environment and Rural Affairs raise concerns about whether Hull is adequately protected from flooding, and whether the city’s water drainage system is sufficient to maintain public safety against further extreme weather caused by the long-term effects of climate change.

Speaking in a Commons statement by Environment Secretary David Miliband MP, Diana also praised public service workers who have fought to combat the effects of flooding and asked Mr Miliband about the public health issues raised by the flooding.

Diana Johnson MP said: “I pay tribute to all those emergency and other public service workers who have done so much to help people cope with the horrendous and exceptional weather conditions over the past few days. Community volunteers and those who have simply acted as good neighbours have also been a credit to Hull.

“It is vital that all the public health consequences of the flooding and the questions about Hull’s flood protection and water drainage infrastructure are addressed as we see the effects of climate change in our weather.

“Even though the present government has doubled spending on flood protection, Hull people want to be reassured that long-term planning for the future is happening at all levels of government and that the essential investment is being made.”

Diana will visit residents in the parts of Hull North most severely hit by flooding at the end of this week.