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Labour delivers eight extra holidays for Hull workers

Half a million workers in the Yorkshire and Humber area are to get up to eight extra days annual holiday - with the first four coming in October this year.

The extra holidays will benefit up to six million workers across Britain, including 3.5million women and 2.5million men. New regulations published by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) boost the minimum holiday entitlement from 20 days a year to 24 days this October, and to 28 days from April 2009.

The effect of these changes will be to combat the practice of some employers who include Bank Holidays as part of their workforce’s current 20-day holiday entitlement.

Hull North MP Diana Johnson said: “I am delighted that the Labour Government is again rewarding those who work hard.

“As well as being good for family life, these changes will benefit good employers in terms of reduced absenteeism and having a workforce more motivated and productive.”

Jim Fitzpatrick MP, Labour’s Employment Relations Minister said: “Labour is sticking up for hard working families and making it easier to balance work with family responsibilities. We have also ensured that our most vulnerable workers have core employment rights to protect them from abuses.

“This extra time off will make a real difference in the lives of hard-working people – a proper rest from work and more time to spend with their families and friends.

“While David Cameron says he supports family friendly working, he and the Conservative Party are clear that they will not support the necessary legislation to back the Tory Leader’s warm words.”