Hull North MP backs the "Save 20%" campaign on climate change

Diana Johnson MP today urged her constituents to join her in committing to reduce the amount of energy consumed on a daily basis.

The Hull North MP has joined the Energy Saving Trust's "Commit to Save Your 20%" campaign, which has been launched as part of the tenth annual Energy Saving Week.

Domestic energy use accounts for almost 50% of carbon dioxide emissions, but collectively every person can make a real difference. If everyone saved 20% of the energy they use every day, it would be a majot step forward in preventing climate change. Energy Saving Week 2006, 23 29 October is highlighting how consumers can make an enormous difference both to the environment and to their energy bills through everyday, 'normal' actions.

Diana Johnson MP is adding her name to a Parliamentary motion welcoming Energy Saving Week and calling on fellow MPs to support the Energy Saving Trust's call for individuals to reduce their energy consumption and help tackle climate change.

There are a whole range of energy saving measures that individuals can undertake, many of which are simple and 'low cost, no cost'. The following is a list of the ten commitments Diana Johnson MP and the Energy Saving Trust are encouraging householders to make:

When making hot drinks only boil as much water as needed.
Turn down thermostats by 1° C.
Switch off appliances properly rather than leave them on standby.
Install cavity wall insulation.
Top up loft insulation to 270mm.
Replace three ordinary light bulbs with Energy Saving Recommended ones.
Install a condensing boiler.
Buy Energy Saving Recommended appliances.
Wash laundry at 30° C.
Leave the car at home for short journeys.

For larger measures such as insulating homes or installing microgeneration, the Energy Saving Trust provides impartial advice, grants and information that helps people implement their commitment.

Diana Johnson MP said: "I will be urging my family, friends, colleagues and Hull North constituents to be energy-conscious - beyond Energy Saving Week. We can all help prevent climate change by committing to save 20% of the energy we use every day. With all the worries over increasing prices from energy companies over the past few years, being more energy efficient can also save Hull people on their energy bills."

Philip Sellwood, Chief Executive of the Energy Saving Trust, said, "We are calling on the nation to undertake a series of daily habit changing actions during and beyond Energy Saving Week 2006. The aim is to galvanise the nation into breaking their bad energy habits one by one, which will help prevent the damaging effects of climate change and help reduce individual energy costs. To find out how you can commit to save your 20%, visit"