Hull MP backs new move to toughen rules on mini motos

Hull North MP Diana Johnson today (Wednesday 25th October) sponsored a new move in Parliament aimed at driving mini motos from roads.

A Ten Minute Rule Bill from Swindon Labour MP Anne Snelgrove supports an approach to the problem that combines tough enforcement of the law with managed provision of safe legal sites for biking. The Bill asks for changes in the law that would mean mini motos being categorised as motor vehicles; and completely banned from all use on the road.

The Bill would require police forces to collate the number of accidents mini motos cause and supports the idea of mini moto clubs to allow the bikes to be used safely off-road.

Diana Johnson MP said: "Mini motos are dangerous, noisy, driven at high speeds on pavements and often late at night. Many of my Hull North constituents regard mini motos as an anti-social menace that has grown over the past decade. It has already caused death and injury.

"Driving a mini-moto anywhere, except on private land where permission has been granted, is already illegal under existing law. I support this Bill in toughening up the rules even further.

"The police already have powers to seize any mini motos that are ridden in a way that causes a nuisance and I urge them to use those powers to the full. To be fair, the police in Hull, the Government and local authorities have been doing good work to clamp down on the illegal use of mini motos.

"Now I want to drive this menace off our streets totally, so that local residents are not at risk on pavements, or kept up late at night by their noise.

"This Bill encourages the legal and safe riding of mini motos, so that young people can have fun in ways that do not endanger themselves and others. But above all, communities in Hull no longer want to live in fear of the dangerous and illegal misuse of mini motos."