Labour to help Hull's children in care

515 Hull children in care will get a better deal under measures announced today by Alan Johnson MP, the Education Secretary.

Hull North MP Diana Johnson welcomed a series of measures set out in the Government's Green Paper 'Care Matters'.

Diana Johnson said: "Despite the best efforts of those who work with children in care, the projected outcomes for these children are shocking. They are five times less likely to get five good GCSEs, and 25 times more likely to end up in prison.

"Although the numbers of children in care are small we need to do more to make sure they get the chances that are available to other children. I welcome the Government's plans to improve foster care and help children in care get into the best schools with extra help to ensure they do well.

"It's also vital that we give children in care more help as they move into their adult life. The plan for an extra £100 to be paid into the Child Trust Fund plus a £2000 bursary to help them through University will make a big difference. I know that parents continue to support their children after the age of 16 and its right that where the state is the parent, it does the same."

Hull West MP Alan Johnson, who made a Government's statement on the issue to the House of Commons said: "We can't immediately eradicate and solve all the problems children and young people in care face, but we can remove significant obstacles and ensure that our care system does what it says on the tin."