Hull Tories must denounce attack on low paid workers

Diana Johnson MP today challenged Hull's Tory councillors to denounce an attack on the national minimum wage by Conservative policymakers'.

The Hull North MP came to the defence of low paid workers in Hull after Conservative Party policymakers published their criticism of the minimum wage in a report by David Cameron's Economic Policy Commission.

Diana Johnson MP said: "In common with the Lib Dems, the Tories opposed Labour's national minimum wage from the start. Their latest attack on low paid workers has revealed that despite their change of style and slick PR they are still the same party that opposed the minimum wage and rights for working parents.

"Hull's Tories should speak to workers in our local hotels and supermarkets to see if they want to go back to wages as low as £1.20 an hour. We now have the highest number of people in work ever recorded and we have done it at the same time as fighting poverty pay and helping employees balance work and family life.

"This week, Labour's national minimum wage is going up to £5.35 an hour. Around 140,000 people in Yorkshire and Humber will gain an immediate pay rise. This week has also seen the outlawing of age discrimination and longer maternity leave for new mums.

"Labour's record on helping businesses create more jobs in Hull shows that David Cameron's commission's attack on the minimum wage is unjustified. Hull Tories must accept the evidence of our own city and disassociate themselves from this irresponsible publication."