Diana Johnson in Middle East visit

Hull North MP Diana Johnson today (Sunday 10 September) travelled to Israel on a five-day delegation of 15 Labour Parliamentarians.

The tour, organised by Labour Friends of Israel, will include visits to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum and the security barrier on the Northern West Bank. The delegation will also meet Israeli ministers and members of the Knesset, Palestinian Authority representatives in Ramallah, the peace and women's movements, Israeli Labour Party activists, trade unionists and diplomats.

Diana Johnson MP said: "With the urgent need to move on from the recent terrible events in Lebanon, I am sure this visit to Israel and the Palestinians will be a valuable experience. It will be a particular pleasure to meet the trade unionists and peace activists who are working for a better future for Israelis and Palestinians.

"There is an overwhelming need to ensure peace, fairness and security for all sides in the Middle East and I am pleased that Tony Blair is working to get this peace process back on track. There needs to be a lasting settlement in which Israel is recognised within secure borders by all its neighbours, and where the threat from terrorism is defeated."