Hull MP demands more help for carers

Hull North Diana Johnson MP has sponsored a new move in Parliament to give a higher priority to the health needs of carers.

A procedural motion to ask leave to introduce a Ten Minute Rule Bill from Labour MP Barbara Keeley came before the House of Commons today. The Identification and Support of Carers (Primary Health Care) Bill, if eventually passed by Parliament, would:

Require that general practitioners or Primary Health Care teams identify patients with caring duties and ensure that they are referred to sources of advocacy, help and support;
Require that carers' needs are taken into account in the allocation of medical appointments, procedures for issuing prescriptions, and waiting room arrangements;
Make provision for routinely checking the physical and emotional health of carers.

Diana Johnson MP said: "Carers are Britain's unsung heroes. They devote a large part of their lives to caring duties, often sacrificing their own life-chances. They deserve a better deal in having their own medical needs met. This Bill sets out some ways in which that could happen.

"I hope this Bill will, at least, promote more of a public debate about carers, the massive contribution that they make and how society can support their role more."