MP praises Hull's wardens and blasts Tory gimmicks

Hull North MP Diana Johnson today praised Hull's Junior Warden Scheme in Prime Minister's Questions in the Commons and attacked Tory policy "gimmicks".

Tory Leader David Cameron this week called for school leavers to be forced to do several months of community service in the voluntary sector, but admitted that full details of his policy had not yet been decided.

Diana Johnson asked the Prime Minister: "In Hull, more than 300 young people have volunteered as junior community wardens to work alongside the extra bobbies on the beat and the police community support officers.

"Will my right hon. Friend maintain his focus on the respect agenda and not do what the Opposition does that is, come up with new gimmicks every day that do not work?"

In response the Prime Minister Tony Blair emphasised the importance of the new powers given by the Government to local communities around the country to combat anti-social behaviour and its causes.