MP backs Respect Action Plan to make Hull safer

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has welcomed the Government's drive to widen the clampdown on anti-social behaviour and to build a culture of respect in society.

The new measures in the Respect Action Plan focus on the prevention of anti-social behaviour as well as dealing with bad behaviour when it occurs. It includes strategies to tackle problem families, reduce school truancy and dramatically increase the numbers of police community support officers on our streets.

Launched today (10 January), Labour's Respect Action Plan will place tackling problem families at the heart of measures to tackle the causes of disrespect and anti-social behaviour.

Diana Johnson MP said: "By using new and existing powers and investment that the Government has provided, and co-ordinating the efforts of different public bodies, the Respect Action Plan will improve life in Hull.

"This is a well-thought out series of measures that will help tackle the minority who demand rights without responsibilities and make all our lives a misery. By addressing problem families, school truancy, providing parenting classes and giving young people more to do we are doing everything possible to fight anti-social behaviour and its causes.

"I am especially pleased with the strong and long overdue new police powers to deal firmly with those individuals who fail to play by the rules."

Prime Minister Tony Blair said: "Respect is about being considerate of the consequences of our behaviour for others and there is strong public concern where it is disregarded. When respect for self, others and the community breaks down anti-social behaviour takes hold.

"The challenge is to nurture and, where needed, enforce a modern culture of respect which the majority of people want. This is what the Labour Party is committed to achieving for the good of the hard working majority in our society."