MP praises Hull business for pioneering green technology

Hull North MP Diana Johnson today praised a pioneering Hull enterprise in the green energy field.

The company, Pulse, is based in Hull's Westbourne Avenue and is developing wave power technology to harness the green energy potential of the River Humber. Diana Johnson MP recently met Pulse Director Howard Nimmo to hear about their plans, which complement the objectives of the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill that is going through Parliament.

Diana Johnson MP said: "With the Government's Energy Review and the need for renewable energy to help combat climate change, microgeneration is a way in which we can all help deal with major problems that often seem too big for individual action.

"I am pleased that Hull is home to pioneers in the microgeneration field as I found when I visited Pulse recently. This is the sort of modern enterprise that I want to be prominent in economic regeneration in Hull.

"Meanwhile, I will fight to get the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill through Parliament. By promoting small scale generation of heat and power this Bill will make a significant contribution to our energy needs."

Meanwhile, the Micropower Council, which represents the microgeneration industry, today wrote thanking Hull North MP Diana Johnson for supporting the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill in Parliament.

Dave Sowden, the Chief Executive of the Micropower Council said: "Microgeneration, the generation of heat and electricity by individual householders, has a great potential to lower fuel bills, help deal with climate change, ensure security of energy supplies and help deal with cold homes and fuel poverty. It also engages households and others more actively in the way in which they use energy in their daily lives.

"But it needs an initial boost to ensure that these gains are realised. On 11th November your local MP Diana Johnson turned words into action and turned up in Parliament to ensure that the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill received a second reading. The industry extends its thanks, and pledges to work as hard as necessary to ensure that the Bill now becomes law."