Hull needs new laws on knives and guns ''"sooner rather than later''"

Hull North MP Diana Johnson said today that Hull needs the Violent Crime Reduction Bill passed "sooner rather than later". The Violent Crime Reduction Bill is currently in its remaining stages in Parliament and is being discussed in the House of Commons today (Monday 14 November). The Bill contains a series of new powers to assist the Police and local communities in fighting violent crime, especially where knives and guns are involved. Diana Johnson MP said: ""We need tougher powers to cut knife and gun crime here in Hull. However, people in Hull will be staggered to hear that Opposition MPs are holding up the Violent Reduction Crime Bill. "Last week's figures on the rising number of arrests for knife-related crime show that we need tough action now. Humberside Police are working to combat violent crime, but they are operating with one arm tied behind their backs without these new powers. "I want Parliament to pass the Violent Crime Reduction Bill as soon as possible so that we can help those communities that feel threatened by violent crime. "The Liberal Democrats in Parliament are refusing to back the new measures within the Bill on carrying imitation fire arms and on raising the age for the sale of knives. Rather than opposing measures that will make our streets safer they should help get the Violent Crime Reduction Bill passed without delay. "Lib Dem MPs have voted against previous measures to fight anti-social behaviour, are soft on drugs and appear to be more concerned with the rights of criminals than law-abiding people. "I hope that local Lib Dems and Conservatives in Hull will join me in calling for the Violent Reduction Crime Bill to be passed sooner rather than later."