Remember our armed forces this Christmas

Hull North MP Diana Johnson today encouraged families and friends in Hull of troops on operations overseas to send presents free of charge this Christmas, thanks to a free mail scheme introduced by the Government.

Diana Johnson MP said: "Our armed forces are doing a fantastic job on our behalf. Hull should be proud of the men and women who sacrifice so much for our country and our security.

"Receiving a package from home lifts the spirits of our troops at Christmas. I am pleased that the Labour Government has decided to make the free Christmas postal service permanent.

"Packets must be sent before December 8th to take advantage of this scheme, so I recommend getting the Christmas shopping done soon to allow plenty of time to send a parcel free."

Secretary of State for Defence John Reid said: "Personnel away on operations and their family and friends feel the strain of separation particularly keenly at Christmas time. That's why I am introducing a free packet service this Christmas and every Christmas as a permanent part of the Operational Welfare Package.

"As usual, don't send anything which may offend local mores, such as alcohol and pork products to some places. Bear in mind aerosols don't travel well and chocolate melts at 40 degrees!"