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Diana shows up Lib Dems in House over Mansion Tax

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has slammed Lib Dems for voting against their own flagship Mansion Tax policy in the House of Commons today.

After going along with the Tory tax cut for millionaires, a failing economic plan, a VAT rise and a trebling of tuition fees the Lib Dems had a chance today to finally vote for a policy that was in their manifesto – a Mansion Tax on properties worth over £2m.

Instead Lib Dem MPs joined the Tories to vote the policy down.

Speaking after the Commons vote, Hull North MP Diana Johnson said: “Just when you think the Lib Dems can’t get any lower, they do.

“Judged by their actions, rather than words, Lib Dems now oppose the Mansion Tax, but support the Bedroom Tax. Just as Lib Dems support both the Strivers Tax, hitting low paid workers, and the cut to the 50p tax rate for the richest.

“Lib Dems have previously broken promises that they made, in full knowledge of the deficit, in 2010 on a growing list of issues – including tuition fees, police numbers and VAT.

“Lib Dems have backed the deepest cuts hitting the poorest people in the most deprived areas, such imposing local government cuts of £228 for every person in Hull in this Parliament.

“But to vote against their own Lib Dem Mansion Tax policy, that they claim to be fighting for within the Coalition, is a new low – even for the Lib Dems. It seems that now even Nick doesn’t agree with Nick!”