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Local jobs losses will make claims about the end of recession ring hollow in Hull

Hull North Labour MP Diana Johnson has reacted to the latest UK growth figures in a week when the Hull area has heard of over 700 more private sector job losses locally.

Hull North MP Diana Johnson said: “Government statements about the end of the recession will ring hollow to those in the dole queues and Food Banks of Hull.

“Over 700 private sector jobs losses have been announced in and around Hull over the past week, from McCain Foods, Seven Seas and Kimberly Clark. This shows that Hull is still mired deep in the Coalition’s home-grown recession.

“Although the welcome one-off boost from the London Olympics, attracted to the UK by the previous Labour Government, has dragged the country out of recession overall, without action for growth this boost could turn out to be weak, temporary and focussed heavily on London and the South East.

“With people needing affordable homes and jobs locally in Hull, and the potential for the green industry locally, this is a time when action is needed to secure the long-term growth that will help cut the deficit and make ‘rebalancing the economy’ more than just a glib slogan from Ministers.”