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Never Again Flood Campaign

MP fights for proper flood defence investment and affordable flood insurance
Hull has been flooded twice in the past decade - in 2007 and 2013 - and climate change is making the risk greater in future.
Diana Johnson MP is campaigning to ensure that Hull is properly protected from flooding and that residents and businesses can get affordable flood insurance.
Despite increased investment in flood defences under the previous Labour Government, many Hull residents and businesses found that their insurance premiums and excesses increased steeply after Hull was flooded.
To ensure that all households could obtain continued home insurance cover that Labour Government agreed a ‘Statement of Principles’ with the insurance industry. Under this agreement insurance companies continued to cover all flood risk areas in return for adequate Government investment in flood defences.
The Coalition Government replaced this agreement with the 'Flood Re' Scheme. To discourage house-building in flood risk areas, this scheme does not cover new homes built since 2009, many small businesses and other groups such as council tenants. Meanwhile, the same the same Government is also encouraging the sale of new homes in flood risk areas under its 'Help to Buy' scheme. There have also been cuts to flood defence investment. 
The Government recently rejected a bid to increase flood defence investment for the Humber Estuary. Unless this changes the Hull and Humber area will only get around 10% of the investment needed to protect the area from flooding over the next decade and affordable flood insurance will be even harder to get.