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Hull Jobs shock - Hull North has more job-seekers chasing each job than anywhere

Hull North's Labour MP Diana Johnson has reacted to today's figures showing that Hull North has more unemployed people chasing each job than anywhere in the UK.

Hull North MP Diana Johnson said: "Today's official jobs figures show that Hull North now has more job-seekers chasing each available job than anywhere else in the UK. There are 43.6 job-seekers for each vacancy in Hull North, compared with a national average of 5.

"These figures also show that Hull North's jobless total in May was 266 higher than a year before and up slightly on April. This represents 12.8% of the active adult population - the tenth highest headline rate of unemployment in the UK.

"The clear message from these figures is that we are in danger of wasting the talents of many Hull youngsters. Long term unemployment comes at great economic and social cost to the individuals involved, to the tax-payer and to the country. It shows how crucial it has been for us to fight off Government threats to local jobs, such as the Caravan Tax.

"But these dire figures also tell us that just waiting for Siemens and other green energy jobs will not be enough over the next few years in Hull. We need urgent action now to ensure growth in the number of local full-time, skilled private sector jobs and quality training opportunities. The Coalition just isn't doing enough to help this happen."