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Never Again Flood Campaign Hull has been flooded twice in the past decade - in 2007 and 2013 - and climate change is making the risk greater in future.   Diana Johnson MP is campaigning to ensure...
Fighting for a Fair Deal for Hull Since 2010 the Government has moved money away from Hull to wealthier areas, hitting local services and Hull council tax payers hard.   You can see the results all...

What I'm doing in Parliament

Diana Johnson MP today voted with Labour MPs in an attempt to abolish the unjust and unworkable Bedroom Tax, imposed by the Coalition Government.

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What I'm doing in the Constituency

Hull MP protests at changes to 'inconvenient' jobs figures

Jan 17, 2013

Diana Johnson MP has protested at Coalition changes to monthly jobs figures that will mean that information on the numbers seeking each job will no longer be available.

Hull MP condemns new round of Coalition council cuts

Dec 19, 2012

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has attacked the latest round of local government cuts that were announced by Eric Pickles today.

Hull North MP Diana Johnson told Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles in the Commons: “He mentioned morality, but how is it moral to see more council cuts directed at the poorest areas that are least well-equipped to generate extra business revenue? Hull’s cut so far has been £163.50 per head, North Dorset’s £2.70.”


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