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Government rejects bid for fairer funding of Humber flood defences

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has expressed disappointment at news that the Government has rejected the bid for extra funding for Humber Estuary flood defence works.
Hull North MP Diana Johnson said: “So far the Government has announced £86m for Humber Estuary tidal flood defence works over the next six years. This is less than 10% of what the Environment Agency says the Humber Estuary needs in the next decade. 

Hull let down again on rail electrification

Sep 29, 2015 - Tags:

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has responded to today’s announcement by the Transport Secretary Patrick Mcloughlin about the ‘unpausing’ of rail upgrade schemes.

The decision means that work promised before the General Election to improve rail routes in many parts of the Midlands and the North, that was 'paused' in June, will now restart - albeit with further years of delay.


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