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Diana is campaigning to save 400 skilled local jobs BAE jobs campaign Diana Johnson MP is campaigning to save 400 skilled local jobs that are under threat at BAE Systems in Brough and has asked the Government to renew the 1970s-built Red...
Fighting for a Fair Deal for Hull Since 2010 the Government has moved money away from Hull to wealthier areas, hitting local services and Hull council tax payers hard.   You can see the results all...

What I'm doing in Parliament

Diana Johnson focuses on Lib Dem hypocrisy over Mansion Tax

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has slammed Lib Dems for voting against their own flagship Mansion Tax policy in the House of Commons today.

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What I'm doing in the Constituency

D-Day for future of Hull flood insurance

Oct 30, 2012

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has described as “vital” tomorrow’s meeting (Wednesday 31 October) between the insurance industry and Government ministers on the future of flood insurance.

Local jobs losses will make claims about the end of recession ring hollow in Hull

Oct 24, 2012

Hull North Labour MP Diana Johnson has reacted to the latest UK growth figures in a week when the Hull area has heard of over 700 more private sector job losses locally.

Hull North MP Diana Johnson said: “Government statements about the end of the recession will ring hollow to those in the dole queues and Food Banks of Hull.

“Over 700 private sector jobs losses have been announced in and around Hull over the past week, from McCain Foods, Seven Seas and Kimberly Clark. This shows that Hull is still mired deep in the Coalition’s home-grown recession.


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