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Fighting for a Fair Deal for Hull Since 2010 the Government has moved money away from Hull to wealthier areas, hitting local services and Hull council tax payers hard.   You can see the results all...

What I'm doing in Parliament

On Equal Pay Day Hull North MP Diana Johnson called for action for equal pay between women and men.

Equal Pay Day is the day on which women effectively stop being paid for the year because of the gender pay gap.

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What I'm doing in the Constituency

Diana congratulates Hull North's Royal Mail Christmas stamp design finalist

Nov 15, 2013 - Tags:

Diana Johnson MP was pleased to visit Sidmouth Primary School to meet the talented Thomas Donaldson, the Hull North pupil who made the final 24 out of 240,000 entrants in the Royal Mail's Christmas stamp design competition.

Hull MP backs Trussell Trust call for Food Bank probe

Oct 17, 2013 - Tags:

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has backed the Trussell Trust’s call for a proper inquiry into the causes of the massive increase in Food Bank use.

The call was made on a visit to Hull’s main city centre Food Bank today. The Trussell Trust has reported that 2,600 people now use Food Banks in Hull and numbers continue to rise.


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