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Hull MP calls for Government action to close the gender pay gap

Women in Hull North still earn just 91p for every pound a man earns according to official figures from the ONS.
Tomorrow (1 July), Hull North MP Diana Johnson will call on the Government to require the independent Equalities and Human Rights Commission to produce an 'Annual Equal Pay Check' reporting on Britain's gender pay gap, and make recommendations for action by Government and employers, so that progress can be made.

Hull Labour MP votes for Equal Pay as Lib Dems and Tories fail to back measure

Hull North Labour MP Diana Johnson voted in the Commons today (16 December) to introduce pay transparency across large companies.

The measure, put forward by Labour, will require companies employing over 250 staff to publish their own gender pay gap in their annual report.

Hull MP slams growing gender pay gap under Coalition

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has slammed the Coalition Government's reversal of years of gradual progress on equal pay for women.

Equal Pay Day the day women effectively start working for free because they are still paid less than men falls on 4 November this year.

That's three days earlier than in 2013 because of the rising pay gap under the Coalition. Women will, in effect, work for free for the next 57 days until 31 December.

Hull MP calls for action on Equal Pay

On Equal Pay Day Hull North MP Diana Johnson called for action for equal pay between women and men.

Equal Pay Day is the day on which women effectively stop being paid for the year because of the gender pay gap.

The date for Equal Pay Day of 7 November is set by the latest pay statistics, which show that women working full-time earn 14.9% less per hour (excluding overtime) than men working full-time in the same jobs. In many professions the gender pay gap is far greater than 14.9%.