Infected Blood

Westminster parties unite to demand compensation for infected blood victims throughout UK

The Westminster Leaders of seven political parties have written to the Prime Minister asking for full compensation for those infected in the NHS Infected Blood scandal without further delay. The NHS Infected Blood Public Inquiry, chaired by Sir Brian Langstaff, is currently looking at the contamination of blood supplies in the NHS in the 1970s and 1980s. It is the largest public inquiry in British history, with over 1,700 core participants, and is not expected to report for two to three years.

Hull MP demands no further delay in compensating UK NHS Infected Blood victims

In House of Commons Prime Minister's Question, Diana Johnson MP asked why those infected in the NHS Contaminated Blood scandal in the UK cannot have, without further delay.
The Hull North MP told the Prime Minister that full compensation was granted to infected blood victims in the Republic of Ireland in the 1990s.
The Prime Minister ignored this question.