Hull MP welcomes Scotland ‘no’ vote and calls for more devolution to Northern England

Hull North Labour MP Diana Johnson has responded to the result of the Scottish referendum and called for greater devolution to Northern England.

Diana Johnson MP said: "It's so much better for Scotland and the UK generally that our country is remaining together - not becoming economic competitors and foreigners to each other.

Hull MP questions future location of the UK Green Investment Bank if Scotland leaves the UK

Hull North MP Diana Johnson today asked Ministers where the UK Green Investment Bank would be located, should Scotland vote to separate from the UK in the Independence Referendum.

Speaking in Business, Innovation and Skills Questions in the House of Commons today, Diana Johnson MP said: "In asking my question, I want to make it clear that I want the Scots to remain our countrymen and women - not our competitors.

"The Government set up the Green Investment Bank in 2012 to boost investment in green technology and enterprise across the United Kingdom.