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Hull MP exposes motorbike ‘yobs’ on North Hull Estate

Mar 29, 2018 - Tags:
Diana Johnson MP today told the House of Commons about her experience of anti-social ‘yobs’ on motorbikes in the Quadrant area of the North Hull Estate.

Transport Secretary agrees to meet Hull delegation to discuss 'Crossrail for the North'

The Transport Secretary Chris Grayling today agreed to meet a delegation of stakeholders from the Hull area to discuss East-West rail connectivity between Liverpool and Hull.

Hull MP backs sanctions against Russian regime

Mar 14, 2018 - Tags:
Diana Johnson MP has backed the Prime Minister’s proposed sanctions against the Putin regime in Russia following the Salisbury poisoning incident.

Hull MP demands local and national recognition for Hull's Headscarf Revolutionaries

Diana Johnson MP today told the House of Commons the story of Hull’s Headscarf Revolutionaries and demanded that they be given proper recognition locally in Hull - and nationally.


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