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MP opens upgraded pumping station at Bransholme

Dec 02, 2016 - Tags:
Diana Johnson MP opened Yorkshire Water's new Bransholme Pumping Station.
The opening is the culmination of the campaign fought by the Hull North MP for investment in the pumping station after it failed in the June 2007 Hull flood.

Government rejects bid for fairer funding of Humber flood defences

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has expressed disappointment at news that the Government has rejected the bid for extra funding for Humber Estuary flood defence works.
Hull North MP Diana Johnson said: “So far the Government has announced £86m for Humber Estuary tidal flood defence works over the next six years. This is less than 10% of what the Environment Agency says the Humber Estuary needs in the next decade. 

“Every little helps” on flood defences

Dec 02, 2014 - Tags:

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has reacted to news of the £80m allocated by the Government to flood defence works around the Humber.

Hull North MP Diana Johnson said: “This is not new money, but it tells us what the Humber’s share is of funding announced previously by Ministers. Overall flood defence investment has actually been cut since 2010.

“This £80m over six years for the Humber should be set against the £888m minimum identified by the Environment Agency as what’s needed for flood protection works around the Humber over the next ten years.

MP raises plight of those hit by tidal surge

Oct 30, 2014 - Tags:

Hull North MP Diana Johnson pressed Ministers on flood assistance to Hull homes and businesses affected by the December 2013 East Coast tidal surge.

Speaking in DEFRA Questions in the House of Commons, Diana Johnson MP said: "After Eton flooded in February, the Prime Minister promised that money would be no object. However, for many Hull homes and businesses hit by the December tidal surge, that soon changed to “Out of sight, out of mind,” and they are still awaiting help.


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